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When it comes to stylish and luxurious phones, the first brand whose name comes to mind is Verto. The company was originally founded by Nokia with the goal of producing special and luxury handsets. But with Nokia cutting ties with Verto and declining customers of the brand in recent years, Verto has not been in a good position.
The British company Verto was bought in early 2017 by a Turkish businessman named Hakan Ozan, and since then, only one smartphone called Vertu Aster P has entered the market by this brand, which increases the possibility of Verto’s bankruptcy. But apparently a group of former employees of the company have come together and intend to revive Verto’s legacy under a new brand called Xor (Exor).One of the founders of the Xor brand is a man named Hutch Hutchinson, who headed the design department at Verto. It is interesting to note that a significant portion of the budget required to establish the Xor brand was provided by former Verto customers; Wealthy people who are apparently not satisfied with even the flagship phones and like to have the most expensive and special phones. According to Hutchinson, after Verto’s bankruptcy, these people approached him and finally decided to launch the Xor brand.

Xor brand announced the production of its first product called Xor Titanium on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. According to Hutchinson, we no longer see the Italian fake names (used in the naming of Verto phones) here, and the naming of the phone indicates its titanium chassis, which is usually stronger than aluminum. The leather is used on the back of the phone and the old T9 keyboard is visible on the front. It should be noted that, like the Verto handsets, the Xor devices are also hand-made by a small group in the UK.

You might think that the exorbitant Xor Titanium could compete with Apple, Samsung or Google smartphones, but the truth is that the Xor Titanium has little to say in terms of specifications and in many ways lags behind the current technologies in the world. In terms of communication, voice calls with this phone are made on the basis of 3G or 2G network, and of course it is possible to send and receive SMS! But to be fair, perhaps the only sign that can be found of the advanced technology in this phone is the air quality sensor.

Fortunately, the conversation with this phone will be clear thanks to the active noise cancellation. Xor Titanium battery capacity has not been announced and no smart technology monitors battery activity, but according to the manufacturer, with a full charge of the battery, you can work with the phone for up to 5 days (of course, battery life is directly related to device usage) . Wireless charging support should also be added to the strengths of this phone. Xor Titanium can not be called a smartphone. It is true that this device uses a Linux-based software platform, but according to Hutchinson, the performance of this software is so limited that the 40 Series platform in older Nokia phones seems complicated against it.

One of the most prominent features of Xor Titanium is its security capability. If two people have both phones, their conversations and messages will be protected at the hardware level with the advanced 256-bit encryption standard (AES256). If the call is not encrypted, Xor Titanium will sound a different ringtone to alert the user. It is interesting to know that each Xor Titanium phone has a hidden remote key that the user can use to remotely erase the data on the phone.

The Xor Titanium is priced at around $ 3,942. Naturally, most people do not want to pay such a high price for an old-fashioned 2G / 3G phone (which can only handle calls and SMS). Even someone who has been in contact with smartphones for a long time and needs so-called “digital detoxification” can meet their need for only $ 50 to buy an old-fashioned Nokia phone (HMD). Even if a person is very rich and just wants to buy an expensive phone just to show off, he can buy advanced devices like Galaxy Fold2 or iPhone 12 Max Pro.

The Xor brand considers this phone suitable for use as a second phone. Of course, not for ordinary people, but for some business people who still do most of their work with voice calls. According to Hutchinson, another Xor Titanium audience is very wealthy people who spend their extra money on fancy watches or luxury cars. Looking back, we find that Verto is the largest market for handsets in Asia and the Middle East, and such handsets do not have many customers in the United States and Europe.

COVID-19 has apparently delayed the release of Xor Titanium. The phone, which was originally scheduled to be released in 2020, will enter the market in the first quarter of 2021 due to the outbreak of the Corona virus.

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