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Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite is the cheapest and most economical Mi 9 series phone. Check out Mobileaps from this smartphone.

The May 9 family-derived train seems to have no end; Because Xiaomi has introduced several smartphones with similar designs and close hardware as different versions of the flagship Mi 9 series this year; From the powerful May 9 Pro handset to products like the May 9T and May 90SE. Now it is the turn of May 9 Lite.


The design of May 9 Lite uses the same formula that all manufacturers have adhered to in recent years; That is, an aluminum frame that holds the phone parts in place, and glass panels that enclose the frame on both sides, and of course, a display with various tricks, from slitting to use a sliding mechanism and a periscope selfie camera, does not have the thick edges of the past. Repeating a design language over and over again with very minor changes is a solution for many companies, and Xiaomi does it best; The May 9 Explorer, the May 9EE, the May 9 Pro, the May 9T and the May 9 Lite are all derivatives of the May 9 and look similar to this flagship product.

The similarities between May 9 Lite and May 9 do not end with their appearance, and their physical dimensions also differ very little. The May 9 Lite is 0.7 mm shorter, 0.2 mm shorter and 0.9 mm thicker than its flagship brother. The increase in the thickness of the phone compared to May 9 is due to the use of a much larger battery; This adds about 6 grams to the weight of the device (179 vs. 173 grams).

The use of Gorilla Glass 5 on both sides of the phone and aluminum in the production process, along with the curvature of the back panel, has made the May 9 Lite a very high-quality device; A device that fits well in the hand and conveys a great feeling to the user. The back panel of the phone hosts a triple camera with a vertical arrangement that has a slight bulge; Of course, not to the extent that making using the phone on surfaces such as a desk an annoying experience.

May 9 Lite is available in three colors: shell white, aurora blue and gray. The colors of the first two models are gradient and patterned, and the color of the third model is simple. May 9 Lite Gray, which we have for review, has a great potential for absorbing stains and fingerprints due to its glossy color; But the gray frame of the device is not like these thanks to the matte coating.

The bottom edge of the May 9 Lite has a speaker and microphone port and a USB 2.0 Type-C port; While the power and volume control keys are on the right edge, the SIM card slot on the left edge and the 3. 5mm headphone jacks along with the infrared module are on the top edge of the phone. Note that we had no problem accessing the phone’s hardware keys.

Xiaomi designers have moved the location of the fingerprint sensor from the back panel in the previous generation to the bottom of the display. The May 9 Lite optical sensor is located in the lower half of the display and is displayed by lifting the phone or touching the display. The operation of the sensor is often convenient, correct and fast; But in cases such as finger wetting, it fails like other optical sensors.


Xiaomi has once again proven that a device with satisfactory performance does not necessarily have to pay exorbitant costs. May 9 Lite receives a passing score in many respects. Excellent build quality, OLED display, powerful processors, large battery and a camera with satisfactory performance are the main features of this smartphone. Perhaps the main weakness of the May 9 Lite is the lack of a telephoto camera.

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