Why did Google use the Snapdragon 765G for the 5-pixel series?


Can mid-range smartphones become the new flagships? It seems that Google intends to pursue such an idea with the release of its new Pixel 5. Although the Google Pixel 5 comes with some hardware and software specs, it does not have some of the features of previous flagship phones to make it available at a more affordable price tag.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is the lack of a flagship processor capable of delivering superior performance. Google, however, has used the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor this year instead of the Snapdragon 865 or 865 Plus. The chip is Qualcomm’s top mid-range processor for smart gadgets, which appears above a mid-range and comes with several of the features of flagship chips.

But why did Google use this chip for its 2020 flagship phone? Stay tuned to MobileAps to explore the possibilities together.

Use 5G without skyrocketing prices

Google’s Pixel 4 failed to get on the first train of phones equipped with 5G network, but the company will not be able to launch a phone in 2020 without the latest and best technology communication network, because there is a lot of hype in the media and a lot of criticism. Is facing. Unfortunately, the use of 5G network technology in phones has caused their costs to increase dramatically, and manufacturers are also offering their products to buyers by increasing the price, which causes the price of some of these phones to be even above the thousand dollar mark. Also pass.

So far, various companies have come up with information about the high costs that the use of 5G network imposes on their products in order to justify the increase in the price of their products this year. Lee Joon Xiaomi CEO said that this year, the use of expensive Snapdragon 5G has doubled the cost of the processor, adding that production costs have increased by $ 70 compared to previous 4G flagships. This is a relatively expensive piece that part of the costs will inevitably be borne by the consumer.

In a recent press conference on the Reno 4 Series, Oppo noted that 5G could increase costs by up to 20%, and that the company will use the Snapdragon 765G chip in the Reno 4 series.

Tip: 5G is expensive, and Google was lucky to get the Pixel 4 without 5G for $ 899.

G 5G-enabled handsets need more components, especially in flagship products that support mmWave technology. Part of the reason is that the flagship Snapdragon 865 chip does not have an integrated modem, so manufacturers will have to buy the 5G X55 modem as well, and it is not cheap. In addition, antennas and other additional components are required to increase the price (thus, the Pixel 5 becomes even more expensive with support for the millimeter wave for the US market).

Since the Snapdragon 765G chip is also equipped with an integrated modem, it has solved this problem. In addition to saving space and energy, this also brings maximum speed and 5G capabilities, but since 5G deployment is still in its infancy, it has no effect on the user experience.

All in all, Google had two choices to make for the Pixel 5: either it had to try its luck with a price increase even higher than in previous years, with the experience gained from selling the Pixel 4, of course. It’s a test that was almost certain to fail, or just as it was able to increase its success with the release of the Pixel 3a, it is now following suit with the Snapdragon 765G and offering 5G network at a better price.

Good enough, both in terms of performance and capabilities

Of course, if Google wanted to use a cheaper chip, there are other processors, but the Snapdragon 765G, thanks to a number of key features borrowed from the Snapdragon 800 series, is a head and shoulders above the rest, including the 5 Pixel 5. Notes support for 90Hz screen refresh rate, FHD + resolution, fast charging support, HDR games, 4K video recording at 60fps, 5G communication network and millimeter wave support.

Google is excellent at machine learning technology, such as its advanced image processing system and Google Assistant features. The Snapdragon 765G utilizes Qualcomm’s flagship capabilities, namely “machine vision-based image signal processor” and performs image processing with the highest quality and lowest energy consumption. This feature was previously reserved for 800 series chips. The hexagon DSP chip is a dedicated processor for sound quality and other machine-based tasks. Although the chip is not as fast as the 865 processor, it supports the features that Google intended.

Since the Pixel 5 is not equipped with the Pixel Neural Core chip developed by Google itself, it can be assumed that the Pixel 5 with the help of Snapdragon 765G is able to offer night mode, HDR +, Super Res Zoom and various audio features it needs. .

You do not need the fastest processor for some of the best software features

The important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t really need to use the best hardware to deliver a great user experience. Smartphone chips are at the point of declining efficiency for day-to-day performance, meaning that in recent years, chips have become so advanced that in everyday activities, users do not notice the difference in performance between the previous and current generations. Is that they run all programs well and without feeling slow. While the Snapdragon 765G is definitely not the fastest chip in the benchmarks, it does perform very well for its price. This processor provides enough performance for most applications, period games, artificial intelligence algorithms, and photography.

Why pay a lot for a high-performance processor when it is not used much?

Has battery life improved?

If all this is still not enough, perhaps Google simply intended to fix one of the biggest drawbacks of the Pixel series, its low battery life. The Pixel 5 uses the new Extreme Battery Saver mode, which indicates that this has completely occupied Google’s mind.

The Snapdragon 765G processor with two cores that consume less power and less silicon space devoted to the GPU, again consumes less power in most tasks compared to the Snapdragon 800 series chips, and also creates an integrated 5G network modem. It becomes more efficient.

This chip, like the Snapdragon 865, is built using a 7-nanometer architecture and FinFET process, and is the same in terms of power consumption. Considering the use of a larger battery with a capacity of 4,080 mAh, you can expect the Google Pixel 5 to last a full day.

The phone is also likely to be cooler than its predecessors, allowing it to maintain peak performance for longer periods of time, such as gaming time, if necessary. Prolonged heat not only kills the phone, it also disrupts its performance. Although previous Pixel flagships struggled to deliver consistent performance, they were never the fastest. Optimizing heat generation inside the body of a compact handset is an important point for better device performance and battery life.

Is using Snapdragon 765G the best option for Pixel 5?

The Google Pixel 5 is a weird option in the Pixel series. On the one hand, it has key features such as IP68 certification and wireless charging capability that are used in flagship phones, and on the other hand, features such as Soli and the performance of high-end flagships have no place in it. While this may not satisfy consumers, Google had no choice but to choose between raising prices or reducing specifications.

The choice of Snapdragon 765G instead of 865 perfectly balanced. The Snapdragon 765G for the Pixel 5 seems to be a better choice than the powerful and expensive processors in terms of performance, features and cost. It meets all the requirements of Google, including powerful artificial intelligence software, longer battery life and lower price than other flagship 5G phones.

The Snapdragon 765G is perfect for the Pixel 5

Of course, these goals are not the same for every manufacturer, and there is definitely still room for the Snapdragon 800 series in smartphones. Chips that offer the highest performance combined with the capabilities of the fifth generation communication network still have a lot of appeal for those interested in the world of mobile games, although they should be prepared to pay more for this advantage.

Overall, the Snapdragon 765G solves many of the previous problems with Pixel phones and is the best option for use on the Pixel 5. What do you think about that? Share your opinion with us and other MobileApS users.

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