U-Dictionary: Best English Learning Dictionary Title is one of the best dictionaries and English language learning programs for Android, developed by Youdao.com and published in the big Google Play Market. With this software, you can translate all kinds of English texts or words in the shortest possible time, or you can easily learn them. One of the most important features that has made U-Dictionary popular among users is its wide range of supported languages ​​as well as its offline translation system, which is able to receive accurate translations at any time and place without the need for Internet access. And you will be perfect. There are two types of English and American pronunciation with each of the translated words and texts, and by listening to them, you can learn how to read each word correctly. Every day, with the implementation of the software, a new word is displayed, which causes your vocabulary to be expanded unintentionally and in a short time, and you will achieve complete fluency in English. It is also better not to neglect the speech-to-text conversion system and use it to get accurate translation words without the need to type.

Some features and capabilities of U-Dictionary: Best English Learning Dictionary Android:

  • Copy text and word types to get an accurate and perfect translation
  • Fast translation using the bar created in the notification bar
  • Offline dictionary without internet support with support for 38 different languages
  • Learn a new word by running the program every day
  • 14 different languages ​​displayed in the application
  • Access to the correct pronunciation of words with both American and English accents
  • Smart conversion engine to avoid typing words
  • Save your favorite words in a separate folder

application U-Dictionary: Best English Learning Dictionary With a set of unique capabilities has been able to gain the trust of users Score 4.4 out of 5.0.