The Galaxy S21 Ultra supports the S Pen

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According to the information released, Samsung will launch its flagship Galaxy S21 a month earlier this year to compete with the iPhone 12 Series and gain more market share. Now, according to one of the most famous revelators, the new flagship of the galaxies is definitely going to support the smart pen.

According to the Ice Universe Twitter account, Samsung supports the S Pen in the S21 Ultra; Previous reports have suggested that the S Pen will be available for the S21 Ultra and the next-generation Galaxy Z Fold. The next generation Galaxy Z Fold clamshell screens are expected to be durable enough to work with Samsung pens and will likely replace the Note series.

In recent years, the flagships of the Note and S series have come closer structurally than ever before; It is expected that Samsung will bring the capabilities of the Note series to the S21 and eventually merge the Note series with Fold.

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