The third version of the incredibly beautiful, popular and unique Shadow Fight game from Nekki game development studio for Android devices, which, as always we expect as it is.

By installing Shadow Fight 3 on your Android device; You will experience a new era of legendary struggle! In Shadow Fight 2, you fought against opponents who were in the form of shadows, but in Shadow Fight 3, those shadows have become a well-built and beautiful fighter! Choose your fighter and enter breathtaking battles and experience one of the most different Android games! The game is designed for excellent volume and is one of the most beautiful and well-made Android games; The game was tested by us on three different phones and fortunately it ran on all of them without any problems and we suggest you do not miss it in any way! If you are a fan of action games, the fantastic game Shadow Fight 3 will undoubtedly attract your attention!

Play Shadow Fight 3 will be one of the best Android games of 2020, and its features include such things as fighting  in various places, the possibility of destroying the oncoming enemies with touch and visual controls, traveling to different parts of the world to fight. With the heroes, having stunning HD graphics along with great and exciting sound, the possibility of customizing your fighter with various swords, costumes and armor and magical powers and addictive gameplay Oresh mentioned!