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The Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung’s second attempt to develop a clamshell smartphone. The phone has a 6.7-inch display with a ratio of 21.9 to 9 and a resolution of 2636 x 1080 pixels, which will be responsible for displaying visual content after opening.

The popularity of smartphones in their current form is a turning point in the modern world. All our current activities have undergone many changes since the advent of mobile. Fans of the smartphone world have been checking their regular checklist when unveiling a new product for several years, and by looking at the statistics, they determine the best product; But this trend does not seem to have much potential to continue. In your opinion, isn’t it time to prepare ourselves for devices with a special shape and image, apart from always? First by unboxing Galaxy Zed Flip Be with:


There are two major issues with clamshell phones: the display and the hinge. The two are still in their infancy and have not yet reached a certain maturity. Of course, the current efforts cannot be denied. The same screen and hinge on all devices introduced so far has either become popular or a weakness and a failure.

So far, the future of several models of clamshell phones introduced in the market is predictable and has not met with general success. Of course, this case has two complementary dimensions:

  1. Folding technology is very exciting right now, and it excites a lot of people at the unveiling; But it still does not have many uses. In fact, the collapse of the mobile phone has not been accompanied by the creation of a new solution or the solution of previous problems;

2. It is a cost that makes such devices one of the most expensive and lacking in accessibility. In Samsung’s first implemented scenario, we were faced with a mobile phone that turned into a tablet when opened; However, in the Galaxy Z Flip, we are dealing with a mobile phone that has no use in closed mode and turns into a complete mobile phone in open mode.

Potentially the world of old foldable feature phones has been redesigned with a modern approach and a full screen.


Samsung has made every effort to bring a device to market that can compete with the best expensive flagships on the market. Whether in terms of software or hardware, this phone can keep up with the competition; But can the Galaxy Z Flip be in the same category as other phones on the market? In other words, are we dealing with the usual smartphone on the market? Absolutely not! With a thickness of 17.3 mm (folded) and a weight of 183 grams and a price of about $ 1,380, this device can not be a normal phone.

At the beginning and before reviewing the Galaxy Z Flip, we were very excited to experience such a device; But after review, the excitement has returned to normal, and now it can be said that this smartphone is going to create a certain style and context in the world of technology. Smartphones are supposed to put more content on their screens; But increasing the screen has limitations, the main solution of which is currently to create special designs for clamshell phones. Thus, we have to accept that if a suitable solution is created in clamshell phones, we are in favor of a clamshell future were very attractive ideas can be implemented. meanwhile, the Z Flip is one of the most successful examples in the category of clamshell phones, which is a long way from its ubiquity in the market. Aside from the hardware debate and the technical issues that seem likely to be resolved, it is important to optimize the software and create the right ecosystem with collapsible devices.

At the moment, the Galaxy Z Flip is being considered an expensive curiosity; Because of its price tag in the overseas and even domestic market, the only justification for such costs is the new display and design. In the review, we tried to point out this issue; Because if the purpose of buying a smartphone, hardware and camera or even a battery, the presence of Z Flip with such a price tag in the list cannot be justified. With the passage of time and the normalization of clamshell phones, the competition shifts from the implementation of screens and mechanisms to hardware and software capabilities, so that perhaps at that time; we will see more clamshell phones becoming more widespread. Samsung’s expensive curiosity is not currently available to users; But we are sure that one day the Galaxy Z Flip will be known as a normal phone.

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