Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Realizing a long-held dream


Long ago, in the early years of mobile phones and long before the birth of the first Android phones and iPhones, mobile phones were marketed every day with innovative designs and shapes, and prominent companies of the time such as Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola each with A new and eye-catching design was constantly surprising its users. The growth of creativity in the mobile industry in the bright years of the beginning of the new millennium lay above all in the main function of this device as a means to make calls (and not even send text messages), which limited the fingerprints of making a mobile phone to embed a keyboard and A small screen with a microphone and a contact speaker summed it up, and from that moment on there was no particular obstacle in the horizon of these leading designers to fly the imaginary bird and make the strangest and most creative designs possible.

With the advent of the camera, the presence of powerful speakers with the ability to play music and the addition of color and touch to the screen, the options available to design a mobile phone have become more limited, and finally with the controversial introduction of the first iPhone and first generation Android, countdown to The end of innovative and eye-catching designs in the mobile world has begun; A trend that over the past decade has reduced mobile phone design innovation by increasing the screen size further and reducing the peripheral margins. Rumors of a return to one of the most popular forms of mobile phones, clamshell phones, have been circulating for several years, with some companies even linking a physical keyboard to a large screen to offer some interesting examples in this category. Despite the high price, they did not seem very practical.

Samsung Galaxy Folder 2

Making an ideal prototype with a curved but dreamy display was a reality that was delayed until 2019; Last year, Samsung and Huawei introduced the Galaxy Fold and Mate X, the first smartphones with curved panels that changed from a mobile phone to a tablet. The next stream-making experience came from Motorola, which, using similar technology, revived one of history’s most popular clamshells, the Razer, with a curved display and a modern design called the RAZR 2019. Unlike the Fold and Mate X, the new RAZR was a typical mobile phone that folded vertically from the center, giving it a stunning look while taking up less space.

The Minimize option in this case creates a smaller and different icon than the main icon of the program, which is located on the other components on the home screen and at the top. By adding new minimized icons, all of them will be placed in a scrollable oval box at the top of the screen.

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