Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review

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The Galaxy S20 Ultra is the forerunner of all Samsung smartphones this year and a showcase of the company’s technical achievements.

New Year, new flagship, familiar claim: “This phone is transforming photography”; We have heard this claim repeatedly from companies from China and South Korea to Finland and the United States. Now it’s Samsung’s turn to open its mouth to praise the photographic power of its new galaxies from the popular and best-selling Galaxy S family; Products that see the number “20” in front of their names instead of “11” to somehow start a new chapter in the company’s innovations in the 2020s.


Clear 6.9-inch display, 5G modem and powerful processor, the Galaxy S20 Ultra needs a very large battery to meet the needs of such high-powered components; So the Koreans have equipped the top of the S20 family with a giant 5000 mAh battery and claim that the S20 Ultra will always be with the user with this battery.

Since the Galaxy, S20 Ultra comes with FHD + resolution, 60Hz refresh rate and Optimized battery profile by default; Therefore, we run the MobileAps charging tests on the phone while maintaining the same conditions, and then we repeat the tests with the new conditions to show the effect of the refresh rate.

To perform the MobileAps standard HD video playback test, we first disable the device’s wireless connections, mute the speaker, and set the display brightness to 200 nits. The Galaxy S20 Ultra with FHD + resolution and 60Hz refresh rate lasted 18 hours and 7 minutes for this test, which is a remarkable result; But by changing the display settings and bringing the refresh rate to 120 Hz, the Korean flagship charge on the movie playback test will drop by 20% to 14 hours and 25 minutes.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra demonstrates its inability to maintain performance under heavy processing loads in the 30-step GFXBench graphics test, lagging behind even last year’s fewer efficient flagships such as the G8S by more than 60%; But it has a moderate performance in terms of charging time.


Undoubtedly, the Galaxy S20 Ultra is Samsung’s most flawed flagship to date and one of the closest options to many people’s ideal smartphones; The device, which has one of the brightest displays on the market with eye-catching colors, offers unique and enjoyable user experience thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate of the same display, its powerful camera set in different lighting conditions, detailed photos, very detailed and very clear. Captures eye-catching colors and turns support for Samsung’s flagship 5G connection into a futuristic product; Although this future will not be available to us for a long time!

The most striking weaknesses of the Galaxy S20‌ Ultra can be found in its design; The thickness, roughness and squareness of the camera do not relieve the user and do not help him to cope, even considering its extraordinary performance under different lighting conditions. On the other hand, it should be noted that the phone weighs 220 grams and measures 9.6 inches, which makes the management of the device a challenge even for people with big hands. Beyond the ergonomic debate, there is the issue of price; Samsung is charging an astronomical $ 1,400 for the Galaxy S20 Ultra; An amount that puts aside all our previous grievances about the phone and also erases the Galaxy S20 Ultra from the wish list of many of us.

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