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The Galaxy A50 is one of the most popular mid-range phones in our country’s market these days, and in this review, we will scrutinize its strengths and weaknesses.

The intermediate market is increasingly popular not only in the inflamed mobile market in our country but also around the world, so the intermediate sector is generally the busiest category of products in the companies’ product portfolio. The A-Series handset has been a worthy representative for Samsung in recent years, and the Koreans owe much of their market dominance to the series. Samsung has launched the 2019 dealers with a new registration system and some key changes such as the removal of IP certification and more attention to market trends; To date, 9 A series phone have been introduced. Four A30 phone, Galaxy A20, Samsung A10 and A20e are the economies of this series and the Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A80 is its highlights; The fit between the technical specifications and the price makes the A50 one of the most popular members of this family. Therefore, we will first review this phone.


The A-series handsets are very similar to the trendy handsets on the market in terms of design components; Samsung chose the name Infinty-U because of the U-shaped notch on the top of the screen. 3D glasstic used to introduce the back cover of the device; The combination of glass and plastic creates a rainbow reflection by creating a beautiful texture on the back of the device; The back cover is prone to scratches. Therefore, we recommend using a protective frame. The phone weighs well at 166 grams, and the curves of the back cover sit well in the hand and there is no problem in this regard. The design similarity of the A50 to the M30 is undeniable; However, we find the Galaxy A50 more successful in creating a sense of quality. The protrusion of the rear cameras of the device is very low, and we will not have any noticeable slack when using the phone on a flat surface.

The phone also receives a passing score for being slippery and performs better than glass models; Of course, staining is still noticeable in these phones. No information has been released on Samsung’s website of the company using Gorilla Glass to cover the windshield; As expected, there is no notification light on the front of the phone, and Samsung has only used the always-on display (AOD) feature to display the notification. There is no bezel on either side or top of the screen, but the bottom, like other media, is designed to accommodate the bezel-less display equipment; 85% of the front of the device is covered by the display. The quality of the connections of the different parts and the plastic frame of the device are evaluated appropriately, and the location of the power switches and the volume change are also well selected.

Samsung for authentication A50 Like the S series, it goes to the sensors below the display; These sensors naturally detect fingerprints at a slower speed than conventional capacitors and are less reliable. These sensors look more modern, but even when the pressure is right and the device is clean; they can sometimes disappoint you; In our studies with different fingers, on average, 2 out of every 10 attempts result in failure the first time; The Koreans have used an optical sensor instead of the Galaxy S10 ultrasonic model in this phone. Optimal use of the sensor takes time; This means that the user’s finger must be positioned correctly on the sensor for a certain period of time. Like the M Series handsets, Samsung has three slots in the SIM card slot, which means that it is possible to use two SIM cards and a memory card at the same time.

If you are a long-time user of the A series, the device’s non-resistance to water penetration is a setback for you, but we do not consider the removal of this feature to keep the price of labor low; Almost none of the competitors have obtained IP certificates. The bottom edge of the device hosts a mono speaker output, a USB Type-C port and a 3.5mm audio jack. The Galaxy A50 is available in four colors: black, white, blue and orange, and we have a black version.


With a little reflection, one can easily realize the principle that “being the best” in the world of smartphones is highly dependent on your needs; This means that it is practically impossible to find a product that is excellent and perfect in all respects; Therefore, it is better to review our needs first of all. Using a more powerful chip, the Galaxy A50 has eliminated one of the major drawbacks of the M series, and more importantly, it has been released by default with the new Korean UI interface, the One UI. In the discussion of design, we are faced with the most repetitive these days; that is, the drop of drops, and there is no special design component in the design other than the sensor under the display. The fingerprint sensor under the A50 display is not common in speed and reliability even close to capacitive samples; If we ignore the feeling of being different, this sensor will not satisfy you much.

Charging the Galaxy, E50 may not be as great as the M50, but it is without a doubt one of the best on the market; The lack of a 15-watt charger in the box of the device is annoying. The display is the same as you would expect from a Samsung Super AMOLED; High brightness, readability in the sun, deep black, and a variety of color modes are tempting features of this display. The camera cannot be considered a positive point of the Galaxy A50, and the average word are enough to describe it; Lack of night mode and no use of the wide-angle camera at night, along with good selfies and photos with dynamic range and appropriate colors are the cases mentioned in the camera section.

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