Samsung and Xiaomi ridicule Apple for removing charger from iPhone 12 box


Apple last Tuesday unveiled the iPhone 12 series Hi, Speed ​​to unveil four new smartphones, all of which have 5G connectivity and use the world’s first five-nanometer chip. Apple has a history of making controversial decisions regarding the iPhone series, and at the Hi, Speed ​​ceremony, the details of Apple’s latest controversial decision were announced.

As rumored a few months ago, Apple has said it has no plans to ship the iPhone 12 Series with the Charger and EarPods wired headphones in the box. Those who do not have a charger will have to pay an extra $ 20 to charge the product and get a new 20-watt USB-C charger. It wasn’t long after Apple that we noticed that the charger and headphones had been removed from the box of the iPhone 11, iPhone XR, and the second-generation iPhone SE, which are still on sale.

In a new post on Facebook, Samsung indirectly mocked Apple for removing the charger from the box of the iPhone 12. Below you can see screenshots of the post published by Samsung. The description of the post reads as follows: “Of course, your Galaxy offers you what you are looking for; “From the simplest things like a charger to the best camera and battery and processing performance and memory and even a 120Hz display, all in one smartphone.”

Samsung’s move to ridicule Apple is a very interesting one; Especially considering the fact that Samsung has experience doing this, and finally we saw that what Samsung did had the opposite effect. Years ago, Apple announced in a controversial decision that it would remove the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7. Following this, various companies, including Samsung, began to ridicule Apple; But it wasn’t long before Samsung and other companies followed in Apple’s footsteps. Samsung first announced the removal of the headphone jack on the Galaxy Note 10 series phones.

Videos released by Samsung for not mocking the headphone jack on Apple iPhones were later deleted; However, before deleting the videos, users downloaded them and then re-uploaded them on various platforms (you can see one of the videos on the MobileAps device page).

This has led users to wonder how long it will take for Samsung to do the same for Apple and remove the charger and headphones from the box of the Galaxy series phones. According to rumors circulating in July this year, it is possible that the charger will be removed from the box of the Galaxy S30; But given Samsung’s recent move, we do not think the charger will be removed any time soon.

Samsung is not the only company that has ridiculed Apple for removing the charger from the iPhone case. Xiaomi has taken a similar step on Twitter, as the screenshots of the video discussed above can be seen. “Don’t worry,” Xiaomi wrote in a Twitter post. “We did not remove anything from the May 10T Pro box.” Xiaomi’s claim that “nothing was removed from the case” is a bit strange; Because the Chinese company has not put headphones in the box of its phones for years. Most analysts say that Xiaomi has a financial incentive not to put headphones in the box.

What do you MobileAps users think about the actions of Samsung and Xiaomi? Do you think these two companies are doing the same thing as Apple?

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