Presenting Arrog mobile game; A strange independent effect


Independent gaming teams often have great ideas for a fun effect. Sometimes these works become a normal and addictive game, and sometimes with one experience, the gamer thinks about it and wants to leave the analysis of that game to the audience. Somehow, this game is called a concept and it is not possible to understand the whole thing with one experience. Among these mobile games are Inside by PlayDead Studios and The Mooseman by Morteshka Studios. In this introduction, we go to the recently released Arrog game, which tells a complex story to the audience.

Some games overuse and sometimes irrationally use a theme in their work, such as black and white, although the game’s story is good, but it hurts the overall experience. At Android game Arrog, however, with the correct and logical use of the black and white theme, brings an interesting experience for the gamer in the shortest time. The game starts where I see the seemingly male person start moving in the background of the game, and in order to open the way forward, you have to do this by solving a series of puzzles. The item that catches the audience’s attention are the scenes that appear while solving some puzzles. These views are so eye-catching that it has been very difficult to decide whether to include some images in this article. Apart from these, the puzzles of the game are also strong and not designed so complicated as to annoy the audience and not easy for the gamer to go through with a few simple clicks. For example, in a part of the game, you have to maintain a certain pattern and perform a rhythm according to it, but you should not make a mistake in it, otherwise you will return to the beginning of the puzzle.

The gameplay is in the style of pointing and clicking, and you have to communicate with puzzles and other items in this way. There are a variety of puzzles throughout the game, some of which require attention. For example, in one of the puzzles, you have to choose a suitable one from several options to replace the character’s path, which, of course, can be easily crossed with a few trials and errors. Other puzzles in the game also need to focus and maintain a series of patterns and can be easily passed. In general, the game focuses more on presenting an interesting and complex story, and the gameplay is more about interacting with the audience, but it can be enjoyed throughout the game.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, in this game, by drawing a black and white theme, but at the same time attractive and captivating, it attracts the audience’s attention. Rain effects, characters and other game items are also used in the best possible way. On the other hand, the game music is very audible and well designed, and according to them at the beginning of the game, if you experience it with headphones, you will definitely enjoy it a lot. LEAP Game Studios has been able to attract a certain group of gamers by developing a short, yet conceptual and attractive game that targets a certain group of gamers.

Arrog game now for Android and Iphone It is available and you can, as always, download it through the following links and enjoy the experience of an independent work.


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