Owners of OnePlus phones can run PUBG Mobile at 90 frames per second



According to the latest Mobile game newsOwners of OnePlus phones can now play PUBG Mobile at 90 frames per second; Because a new mode has been added to this game, which is currently specific to OnePlus phones. This news was announced yesterday by OnePlus and PubJe Corporation. Currently supported phones include the OnePlus 8 Series, OnePlus 7T Series and OnePlus 7 Pro.

PUBG Corporation has said that the technology used in this model of phones allows users to play PUBG Mobile games smoother, faster and with a higher frame, and this new mode is currently unique to this model of phones. According to the company, the higher frame rate allows us to have a better view of devices such as cars, and in crowded environments that are covered with plants, we can better identify the opponent and aim. The company also mentions this feature as a positive step towards making PUBG Mobile more comprehensive.

This mode is exclusive to OnePlus phone owners since yesterday August 6 Has started and up September 6 (September 16) to be continued. After this date, all phones capable of running games at high frame rates will have access to this mode.


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