Nokia 3.2 – Software and Battery Empire

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For many users, the main criteria for buying an Android phone, especially in the middle and upper price range, depends more on the screen size, the number of cameras and megapixels and the device’s internal memory, and usually the most important options such as build technology and screen resolution. , Camera sensor dimensions, processor quality and speed, battery capacity and software support are completely ignored. Of course, addressing these issues is usually not necessary for more expensive phones on the market, and as the features and capabilities of mobile phones approach, it is usually not possible to see a big change in similar models of a price class.

Nokia 3.2 Contrary to most of HMD Android’s previous experiences, HMD has done more to satisfy ordinary users than to target professional users in this class; The unprecedented increase in screen size to 6.26 inches and the allocation of a very powerful and bulky battery attracts the attention of these buyers more and more, and with 64 GB of memory and a relatively acceptable design, it seems an acceptable choice in this price range. On the other hand, highlights such as a plastic body with high fingerprint and scratch absorption, a not-so-high-resolution screen with low brightness, weaker front and rear cameras with narrower apertures than the Nokia 3.1, and a relatively weak quad-core processor. It has weakened the phone compared to its competitors, the Redmi 7 and Y7 Pro 2019.

The biggest trump card of Nokia 3.2 lies apart from things like a dedicated memory slot and a powerful battery in the device software update and presence in Google’s Android One platform, where unlike competitors who may receive an update in the near future, this phone has up to two years New Android has been upgraded and receives security updates for up to 3 years. Other downsides to this phone, which can still be attributed to the lack of professional features and addressing the needs of ordinary users, go back to the removal of NFC and gyroscope sensor from this model, both of which were present in Nokia 3.1.

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