Motorola One Action – Keen Athlete

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Motorola’s mobile division has always been a source of innovation and brilliant ideas for the industry in its proud history over the past decades, which continues to make the first mobile phone, and many of today’s smartphone features first appeared in the brand’s products. have became. Motorola experienced a full-blown revival in a short period of time after the transfer of ownership to Lenovo, which has led to its re-emergence among the major brands in the market by providing signs of creativity and innovation. The company launched new products in the Motorola One series last summer, almost all of which belonged to Google’s Android One platform, and each has a special feature; These include the Motorola One Vision with a 21: 9 widescreen display, the Motorola One Macro with a focus on close-up photography, the One Zoom with 5x combined zoom, and the new One Hyper with a pop-up selfie and super-fast charger.

Motorola One Action is one of these products, which is equipped with a sports camera or action camera, it is known as Go Pro in the mobile world. Launched in the summer of 2019, this phone has mid-range specifications and capabilities, and therefore faces very difficult conditions to compete in this busy category. Compared to today’s large and gigantic phones, Van Action is a relatively compact example that the capabilities of imaging and being equipped with raw Android with the possibility of a two-year update, completely increase its attractiveness on paper.

This phone, however, does not seem to have any negative points, and from the very beginning, the use of a not so powerful processor, only 4 GB of RAM, and the lack of fast charging are its weaknesses. One action, but at least in the field of filming, seems to be an interesting phone that for some users, including nature lovers and vloggers, retains its charm completely.

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Mobile phone reviews
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