MobileApS site has been proud to offer various programs in the field of management and control on the network such as ip tools vh to give to you dear friends. Now we decided once again that the version was purchased Wi-Fi Monitoring Pro Introducing you for free at a price of 1.99. application Wi-Fi Monitoring Pro Title is a complete and at the same time simple program for monitoring and managing various types of Wi-Fi networks for Android devices, which provides you with complete and perfect information with its input parameters. With this unique tool, you can access a huge range of frequencies that overlap with the frequency of your router and cause overlap, and choose the best frequency to set up your router. After installing Wi-Fi monitoring on its first page, you will automatically receive a list including router name, network name, MAC address, Internet speed, and که, which are collected in a simple environment. By touching the channels option, you will have access to a complete chart of channels and frequencies that can complete your information about your modem. The information displayed by this program is optimized unlike other existing applications and a completely real value is at your disposal so that you can easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of modems and compare them with each other. Other features include security options that can help you improve the security of your routers.

Some features and features of Wi-Fi Monitoring Pro Android app:

  • Display complete information of your communication connection such as network name, router name, speed display, MAC address and…
  • Show the quality of all WiFi networks around you
  • Access a list of frequencies that interfere with your network
  • Graphic chart to show the channels and frequencies of connected Wi-Fi networks
  • Option to display your download and upload rates

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