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LG G8S is one of LG products that has attractive and unique capabilities. But will this phone be able to compete with its powerful competitors? Be with MobileAps.

Contrary to what the s suffix comes to mind; the G8s is not an upgraded version of LGs 2019 flagships, and is more of a cheaper G8 model. The Korean company describes the G8S as suitable for people looking for a smartphone with a unique user experience; An experience that will apparently be achieved with the G8S with the help of better selfies and more stable video recording.

Displays and speakers

LG has gone through many ups and downs in the OLED mobile display segment, but can the display used in the G8 compete in this segment? LG uses a 6.2-inch display with a relatively large notch at the top. The OLED display of this phone, also known as G-OLED, has a lower resolution than the previous generation; Of course, the resolution of 2248 by 1080 pixels of the screen and the density of 401 pixels per inch guarantee the presentation of sharp images.

The device panel still has a ratio of 18.7 to 9 and is not as well marketed as many of the current flagships. LG also uses a panel with HDR10 and DolbyVision support, which also has the ability to produce color in a wide range of colors as expected. G8S displayed reflection control is not as good as direct competitors of Android and Apple iPhones. Hopefully, LG, Samsung and Apple will eliminate the use of PWM (pulse width modulation) monitors in their next flagships.

LG G8s In our lighting test, 465 and 552 nits were obtained in manual and automatic adjustment modes, respectively, which are average numbers for a flagship. Zero-node black brightness brings infinite contrast to this display. Outdoors, you will not have any problem or challenge to view the content of the screen, but we definitely recommend using the automatic screen light adjustment mode. A minimum brightness of 3.75 nits is not considered appropriate for a high-end product; state of Comfort View is built into the phone for use in dark environments.

The variety of display color adjustment modes in phones generally confuses users, but some users are also interested in full control of their gadgets. LG has included seven different modes in the color setting’s section:

One of the most important strengths of the G8S is its stereo speakers. In addition to the main audio channel at the bottom edge of the device, the speakers also use the speaker phone as a second channel; However, the volume of this channel is weaker than the main speaker. LG says it is working with British company Meridian Audio to increase the sound output of the G8S. Speaker volume is assessed at a reasonable level; But the output sound does not have the clarity and reach of the market’s top flagships.

The G8S is one of the latest flagships in the mobile market with a 3.5 meter headphone jack. LG also provides a wired earphone with this device. The G8S compensates for its speaker defects while plugging in headphones, providing an enjoyable music experience; Volume, clarity and sound separation between the two channels are very good. Inside the G8S setting’s menu, there is DTS: X 3D 3D effects and a 10-line equalizer for voice personalization.


The G8S delivers a color-coded display, a reliable camera, powerful hardware, and good charging for the user, and it can hardly be blamed for the annoying flaws; But it should be noted that most flagship products today are in a similar situation. To differentiate the G8S, LG offer’s features such as hand-held identity identification and touch-free gestures; But these capabilities are not yet fully matured and fail to encourage the user to use them consistently.

The author considers the G8S a powerful and worthy smartphone; But On the other hand, it cannot be considered an absolute or significant advantage for this device over other competitors. Perhaps it is time for LG to abandon the trial and error of innovative technologies to return to its heyday and focus more on the day-to-day user experience of its flagships.

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