Introducing Starman mobile game; A bright dream in a dark world


Creativity in independent play can make a work, however small, an attractive and popular work. Since an independent team may not be able to design a huge game with big budgets, but on the other hand, it can attract many fans with an attractive and creative idea. For example, among the mobile games, we can mention the Monument Valley series from Ustwo studio, which entertained many gamers with its challenging puzzles. In this introduction, we go to another creative game called Starman, which, despite its numerous puzzles and attractive theme, easily entertains gamers. Be with us in MobileAps by introducing this game.

In some games, in addition to technical discussion, light is also used for storytelling. At Android game And Iphone Starman is exactly the light talk. You have to create a light source in the form of a character in each stage and pass it after the path opens. The black and white atmosphere in the game contributes a lot to this discussion of light and you fully communicate with it. The game does not tell a specific story and you have to make the story yourself with the help of the atmosphere and the things you see. The various and attractive environments of the game each have their own atmosphere, which helps a lot in the non-uniformity of the game. In general, the game has worked very well and completely for the audience in terms of content, and after running the game, you will completely disappear.

The gameplay is point-and-click and you have to interact with the environment as well as the puzzles with this mechanism. You have to move your character by clicking on the game environment without any markers. You can do this with a single click to remove items from the environment, and of course you can drop them in the right place by tapping them twice in a row. Puzzles are also very interesting, for example for some puzzles you have to put them inside a glass cube of light and place the cube in the right place so that the light shines on it. In other game mechanics, it is placed somewhere in a boat and you have to steer it, which also creates interesting moments. Starman includes many different stages and puzzles, each with its own conditions. In general, playing with good and fun gameplay will take you about three hours.

The black and white graphic theme and lighting in the game are best designed and this issue can be seen in every moment of the game. Light is one of the main mechanisms in solving the puzzle and it has worked well in design. Starman background music is also very attractive and playful and you will experience a sense of relaxation during the game. Starman game by the studio Designed by two brothers, Sergio Abril and Jacobo Abril, Nada was able to come up with a good idea with a relaxing yet fun gameplay.

If you are interested in experiencing a fun as well as creative work, the Starman experience can definitely be a very attractive option for you.

Starman is now available for Android and iPhone, and you can download it  and enjoy the experience of a creative title.

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