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A glass and metal body, faster memory and a sharper camera are some of the most important advantages of the Y9s over the other two members of the Huawei Y9‌ family.

The capacity of underdeveloped or evolving markets is so tempting that smartphone companies are trying to gain a share, albeit a small one, by offering a variety of products in the economy and cost-effective intermediaries. Over the past year, Huawei Group has added several devices in different designs and colors with similar hardware to their product family.

Huawei Y9s is one of the newest affordable products of the Chinese company, which with features such as glass body, triple camera, Crane 710F processor, 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of fast memory.


The Y9s can be considered a better version of the 2019 Huawei Y9 Prime. Huawei’s relatively new economy sees glass sheets on either side; A combination that the Y9s all-in-one smartphones are not familiar with, although we do not know the type and manufacturer of these glass sheets. Contrary to our initial speculation, due to the matte finish and glossy edges of the frame, this piece, like the Y9‌ Prime 2019, is not made entirely of aluminum and has a relatively thick plastic coating on it.

The curvature of the edges of the Y9s’ back panel helps it fit better in the hand; Although it weighs 206 grams and measures 8.8 x 77.2 x 163.1 mm, it is not very ergonomic, at least for mid-range users, and it makes managing the phone challenging, especially when moving the hand to reach the top edge of the screen. . Note that the Y9S is about 10 grams heavier than its brother, the Y9 Prime 2019.

The Wii 9S is available in two glossy and stained colors, Midnight Black and Breathing Crystal, the second color reminding us of the Huawei P30 Pro with a range of colors from purple to light blue. The Y9S triple camera has a vertical layout with a slight bulge in the left corner, and a little lower; the LED flash is visible. The bulge of the Y9s is not large enough to make it difficult to work with the device on smooth surfaces.

The 59.6-inch Wi-9S display with rotating corners has 84.7% of the front view; Therefore, the edges of the screen are very narrow, except for the lower edge a few millimeters. Y9S selfie camera neither inside the notch nor in the hole in the heart of the screen; Rather, it is mounted on a jumper mechanism that comes out of the inside of the phone and the top edge when the user calls; However, this is done a little slowly. Huawei does not officially provide information on the lifespan of the mechanism and the number of times it is safe to use it.

The Power Y9S key, along with the volume control key, are located at a convenient height from the right edge of the phone. Instead of placing a fingerprint sensor on the back of the device, Huawei designers have integrated it with a power button. Thus, by touching the power key, the user authentication process takes place, by pressing the key for one second; the digital assistant (now Google Assistant) is called, and by pressing the power key for three seconds, the phone will turn off. Huawei claims that the fingerprint sensor only takes 0.3 seconds to identify the user, which is consistent with our experience of real-world sensor operation.


Contrary to popular belief, that the Huawei Y family of products is generally classified as “low-end,” in many respects, the Y9s appear at the level of cost-effective intermediates; Glass body, full-screen display (thanks to the jump mechanism for the selfie camera), good charging, relatively powerful camera and ideal performance in everyday use are some of the most important features of the Wi-9S.

Unfortunately, restrictions and obstacles to Huawei’s progress due to US sanctions have prevented the company from equipping the product, which was launched in the last months of 2019, with a much more powerful Crane 810 processor and Android 10 operating systems; The cases that the author considers to be one of the main weaknesses of the Wi 9S against its competitors.

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