House Paint – fun puzzle game For Android


House Paint It is a fascinating and very entertaining game published by the famous SayGames studio. This creative game, just like the other games of this Belarusian studio, is a fantasy and fun game whose colorful and attractive designs are eye-catching! MobileApS has already played other games from this studio Twist Hit And Snow Drift also published. Everything in House Paint is very simple.

The creators of this game do not believe in complexity and strange designs. The graphic and colorful designs of this game are flat, and its gameplay is done in the simplest possible way. But this simplicity does not mean that this game is boring and anonymous! Quite the opposite! This game is very interesting, fun and fantasy. In this game, you have to do and solve puzzles that you have probably never seen before! Your job is to paint the houses! In this game, houses with white walls are prepared for you to paint. But painting these houses is done like a puzzle.

You need to paint the white spots and the parts of the house that need to be changed, and this is done as simply as possible. But there are parts of the house that should not be painted, and this will be the challenging part of House Paint for you. The pleasure of spreading the color on the white and colorless surfaces of these houses will be an interesting and relaxing experience for you. The creators of the game say that although the nature of these puzzles is simple and uncomplicated, many cannot solve them. Are you one of these people ?!

In the game House Paint, There are hundreds of different stages that become progressively harder and more challenging. By passing the game steps, you can collect points and diamonds. With these diamonds, you can also build and personalize settlements and benefit from tools and game items. You can also upgrade and update these houses with these points. In fact, you can create an exclusive personalized area by building a small town and placing different houses in it.

If you think, this game is simple and childish, maybe you should reconsider! The high number of stages and the difficulty of many puzzles in this game have also challenged many users and gamers familiar with the fan! House Paint also has a small volume due to its simple design. This small volume has made this game able to run and support weaker devices. Fast execution and short loadings between stages are other advantages of this small volume. Home coloring game has been downloaded more than 5 million times on Google Play so far. Also rate this game on Google Play Score 4.2 out of 5.0 is.

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