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The Honor 9X Pro is one of the first Chinese products for the international market to be offered in the absence of Google’s services and the Play Store.

Earlier in the review of the Honor 9X, we considered its most important weakness to be the use of the old Crane 710 processors. To compensate for this shortcoming, the Chinese introduced the Honor 9X Pro some time ago; Intermediaries equipped with the powerful Crane 810 processors, which was initially sold exclusively in its homeland; But now, in the absence of Google’s services and relying on HMS or Huawei mobile services, it is offered globally.

Efficiency and performance

The most notable hardware difference between the Honor 9X Pro and the regular version is the type of processor. This mobile phone is powered by a Crane 810 processors; 7-nanometer chips that were introduced about nine months ago. However, due to US restrictions, the Huawei Group has generally used the processor only in China-exclusive smartphones to date.

The Crane 810 uses a combination of the powerful Cortex-A76 dual-core cores with a maximum frequency of 27.2 GHz and six low-power Cortex-A55 cores with a frequency of up to 1.88 GHz as the CPU; The logo relies on that, according to Huawei, it can deliver up to 44% more frame rates than the GPU used in the Snapdragon 730.

Huawei calls the separate neural processing unit (NPU) the most important module in the Crane 810 processors; The module is the first NPU of the manufacturer with a proprietary Huawei algorithm called “Da Vinci.” The Chinese say the new NPU will help the GPU; CPU and memory connect faster, and ultimately provide optimal performance and long-term stability. The AI ​​will adjust the frequency by predicting the GPU processing load and will monitor items such as game frame rates and screen touch rate changes

LTE modem used in Crane 810 from Cat connection. 12/13 supports; This means that the download and upload speeds in the laboratory can reach 600 and 150 Mbps, respectively. Crane 810 is also compatible with Bluetooth’s version 5; But the model of the Honor 9X Pro used in global markets uses Bluetooth 2.4. The Chinese claim that the Crane 810 image signal processor helps capture more detailed images in dark environments, thanks to an improved white balance and noise reduction algorithm.

The Honor 9X is sold in the Chinese market with 8 GB of RAM along with 128 or 256 GB of storage memory; But the version we have for review uses 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory. In any case, the RAM module used in the Honor 9X Pro contributes to a relatively ideal multitasking experience, and the presence of a microSD card port relieves us of the need for sufficient storage memory.


Thanks to the Crane 810 processors, the Honor 9X Pro is a powerful mid-range device such as the Xiaomi Mi 9T; But processing power alone cannot fill the void left by Google’s services. some users’ lack of access to AppGallery at the moment, the hassle of installing apps from various stores, the incompatibility of some apps and games with HMS, and the ambiguous future of software are among the main problems with the 9X Pro.

Although only the hardware change of the Honor 9X Pro goes back to the processor upgrade, charging this smartphone also experiences a significant improvement in the shadow of the Crane 810. Satisfactory camera performance and a glass body and 3. 5mm headphone jacks are other positive features of the 9X Pro.

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