Honor 9X – Gleam on the design wave


During its relatively short life, Honor has introduced several handsets in several different classes, including the affordable single-digit models, which with their relatively high specifications have occasionally been at the top of the mid-range and even the most successful flagships in the market. In many ways, they are comparable to their proud counterparts in the Huawei suite. More advanced examples of this series to date have been distinguished by the suffix X, including the Honor 4X, Honor 5X and Honor 6X in later years, and the Honor 7X and Honor 8X in the last year or two. The Honor 8X was launched last summer along with its giant 7.12-inch counterpart, the Honor 8X Max, and is still one of the brand’s best-selling and most popular handsets to date.

Honor 9X and 9X Pro Honor’s new products in this category, which were recently unveiled in the middle of summer this year, have a completely modern and modern design and interesting multimedia features compared to last year’s models, which make them worthy successors to the proud 8X series. It changes. The removal of the notch and the new design of the full screen display have improved the model’s position among other mid-range counterparts, and the use of the pop-up selfie solution has helped to stabilize this position. The 9X Pro is powered by the new Kirin 810 7nm processor, but the 12nm Kirin 710F processor in the 9X is no different. Acceptable RAM and internal storage, relatively high battery capacity, and triple rear cameras are the strengths of the 9X series, and switching the port from microUSB to USB-C also greatly enhances the series’ competitiveness.

Honor 9X with the exact model name STK-LX1 is the subject of this review.

The relatively large box of the Honor 9X comes with a picture of the phone on the top with the model name, and next to it some details such as the model name, color and internal memory can be seen.

Finally, by activating the night mode or night mode, the image is produced much better than the other two modes, which, although it has more saturated colors than the real world, but shows much better conditions in terms of details and noise. Night mode in this camera, although it creates ideal conditions for static subjects, it goes without saying that due to the four-second shutter stay open, it is not suitable for moving subjects and it can hardly be used for moving scenes.

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