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The Honor brand, which was initially split from Huawei’s parent company with the aim of producing mostly more economical handsets for younger audiences and users, has moved towards more advanced and even flagship devices in recent years, and now includes high-end 5G models in its product list. We eat. This change of course, of course, does not mean forgetting the economically valuable handsets, and still desirable examples can be seen at a reasonable price in this basket of this brand. Notable examples in this category include models with the suffix A, which were born with the Honor 6A model in 2017, and then the Honor 7A and Honor 8A were added to this group.

The series often uses relatively large screens with HD resolution, low-end processors and a dedicated memory port, and their main strength should be sought elsewhere than the camera or processor. The newest product in this family is called Honor 9A, which was introduced last April, and although it is still common compared to its previous counterparts in matters such as screen resolution and processor working class, but this time it uses a new and modern design and in the field The camera and battery have also undergone favorable changes.

The Honor 9A, of course, is still a low-cost phone that, despite its limited features compared to advanced smartphones, will meet many of the needs of its audience.

The Honor 9A, called the MOA-LX9N, is the subject of this review.

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