Honor 20 – Opportunity to rise

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Exactly one year ago, on such days, the Honor brand unveiled two new and advanced phones called the Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro, which in many cases have complete similarities to each other and the only differences between them should be in the rear cameras, RAM and The battery capacity was searched and without considering these cases, we come across two identical phones with two different names.

Of these two phones, the Honor 20 Pro is a very successful example in terms of imaging, and despite the fact that almost a year has passed since its introduction, it is still among the top 20 phones on the DxOMark list; The use of a similar main camera in this model, its shooting capabilities in cases such as aperture, vibration mechanism and autofocus type is reduced, which is also reflected in the price of the device and for less professional users in the field of imaging, access to other advanced features. This family is provided at a more reasonable price. A few months after the introduction of the Huawei nova 5T, the Honor 20 was also included in the parent company’s product portfolio, and we practically do not see any other difference between the two except for the color.

Although the Honor 20 should be considered a mid-range smartphone by New Year’s standards, its capabilities in some cases far exceeded its many competitors in this class, and thus it can be considered a high-end mid-range device. These include a 7-nanometer processing chipset, high-speed internal storage, high-resolution main camera and selfie, and fast battery charging, all of which typically only appear on more expensive handsets in this category. The Honor 20, however, is not without its flaws, and on paper it appears slightly lower than expected in cases such as the removal of the headset jack, the lack of a microSD slot and only 6 GB of RAM.

The Honor 20 comes with a not-so-bulky battery with a capacity of 3,750mAh, which, although the manufacturer refers to it as a “battery suitable for the whole day”, but compared to its many counterparts in this class and compared to the Pro version, it has less capacity. It is visible. In practice, however, the performance of this battery, thanks to its not-so-large display and the device’s low-consumption 7nm processor, can be greatly satisfied, and in an upward use, ending the second day with a single charge seems far-fetched. Does not reach.

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