Hero Rescue is a game in the puzzle and mind-bending has been published by Super Game Studios for Android devices. Puzzle games can challenge your mind, but most gamers are looking for the fun aspect when looking for such games. During your gaming period, you must have come across games whose puzzles have become your soul mate and  made you angry more than they want to entertain you.

Fortunately, this game is not like this at all, and the creators have brought you a fun and enjoyable experience by providing a great gameplay and a beautiful storyline. The gameplay is very simple and suitable for all age groups. The structure of the game is step-by-point and the puzzle, role-playing and adventure elements are well placed in the heart of the game. While the formula for solving the puzzles is the same in all stages, each stage has its own unique identity and is completely different from the others. In this game, you are the hero of the savior of the kingdom lands and you have a duty to embark on a dangerous adventure and save the princess from the enemies who have taken her captive. In the middle of the road in this adventure, you should try to collect coins as much as you can and increase your points. Game puzzles stay in the form of pins.

In each stage, your hero have goal some stages you should obtain  coins and in some other stages the princess is in your point. These parts are separated by pins, and you must try to get the hero to the specified parts by pulling the pins so that he can receive coins or save the princess.

But you can not pull the pins in any way you want because in most stages of the game, an obstacle such as molten material or other obstacles is located in other parts and you have to pull these pins in a way that does not hurt the coins or yourself and the princess. During the game, you will be given 3 hearts that you must be careful not to lose your precious hearts easily with mistakes. All in all, Hero Rescue is a well-crafted, high-quality game, and that’s it. Visually, the graphic space of the game is fantastic, and the artistic design of the characters and the game world have a great cartoon and animation style, and it is clear that the creators have paid much attention to the appearance of the game.From an audio point of view, the game’s soundtrack has created a good atmosphere in the game, and the sound effects have worked well.

In terms of game-play, the game stages have a good variety and offer more than 1000 exciting puzzles with high content depth. The idea of ​​the game is not so new and it is not something you have not seen before, but we can still say that the creators have been able to put different elements together in a way that is attractive to any gamer. The controls are also very simple, and all the gameplay mechanisms are done by tapping and sliding on your device screen, and it is definitely not difficult to figure them out. Hero Rescue has been  gain Good score 4.2 out of 5.0 votes among gamers in the Android Market  And be exceptionally well received with over 10,000,000 downloads.