Genshin Effect earned more than $ 100 million in two weeks

The Genshin Impact free-to-play game, which makes all its money from in-app purchases, has sold more than $ 100 million so far.

The budget for the Genshin Impact was close to $ 100 million. The game, which has the largest financial opening in the history of Chinese video games, entered the profitability phase 12 days after its release.

MiHoYo Company as a manufacturer and publisher Genshin Impact, Now has happy days. Launched on Sony’s Windows, Android, iOS and PlayStation 4, this free-to-play game has entertained audiences so much that many gamers have no problem paying for in-app purchases. Meanwhile, it should not be forgotten that China, Japan, Korea and the United States are the largest financial markets for Genshin Impact.

According to what you said Daniel Ahmed, A well-known analyst in the world of video games must admit that Genshin Impact The largest opening in history in terms of financial success among all the games made by Chinese studios; Released in late September 2020, it looks set to continue to generate revenue and sell more in-app purchases.

Genshin Impact topped the iOS App Store’s best-selling games list in its first week of release, and was a huge success as an iPhone game. The game was also downloaded 23 million times on smartphones during the first week of release. Evidence shows that miHoYo’s total revenue will soon reach more than 1 billion yuan (RMB / Chinese currency); That’s roughly equivalent to $ 150 million. Trying to explain why Genshin Impact is so successful, Daniel Ahmed writes: “The game created by miHoYo was able to deliver a world-class experience with plenty of role-playing elements in a way that works on a variety of platforms.

It is easy to join this game because it is free and multi-platform. The game’s deep gameplay mechanics and open world structure also enable Genshin Impact to engage the audience quickly. The quality of the game is not low either in the story or in the graphics. “As a result, audiences are entertained by Genshin Impact, and when they touch the entertainment, they have no problem paying for in-app purchases.”

Genshin Impact will receive a minor update in November 2020 to fix a few bugs and make a few minor improvements. But the first big update of the game will come in December 2020; An exciting upgrade that adds a whole new dimension to the Genshin Impact world. Of course, the developer studio has promised that the game will continue to receive exciting updates until the end of 2021.

On November 11 (November 21), as we said, Genshin Impact will reach version 1.1. With this update, an encyclopedia of monsters, small animals, and play plants will be added. Players can also find a tool that will make it easier to find treasure chests after completing this upgrade.

To this list should be added simple but important items such as the possibility of increasing health without opening the food menu directly. miHoYo wants to make the gaming experience better for gamers faster than ever before, and it does this by doing things like adding systems that make the gameplay faster and more engaging. Even with the 1.1 update, another game warns the player before selling very important items or using them to progress; So that he does not do anything without the necessary knowledge and then feels remorse.

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