Fortnite was removed from the App Store and Google Play for violating Apple and Google rules



Few games in recent years have been able to match the success of Epic Games’ Fortnite; A game on the platformNumerous apps have been made available to fans, including Android and iOS operating systems, but recently something strange has happened and Fortnite has been removed from popular stores of both mobile operating systems.

The story began when Fortnite was suddenly removed from the Apple App Store and could no longer be downloaded. While everyone was in shock, Apple said in a statement that the reason for this was the violation of its store rules by Epic; An issue related to the company’s new in-app payment system.

Epic Games has added a new method called Epic Direct Payment to Fortnite. This way, if you use in-app payments, you can buy webboxes for $ 8 instead of $ 10. This is against the rules of Appostor and Google Play.

“Unfortunately, Epic Games has taken the wrong step in circumventing the rules of Appostor,” Apple said in a statement. The rules are the same for all manufacturers and the reason for using them is to protect the security of users, and now, due to circumventing these rules, Fortnite game has been removed from this store. “Epic had added a new feature to its product that could not be reviewed or approved by Apple, and that meant breaking store rules about in-app payments that all manufacturers must abide by.”

The big iPhone and iPad maker continues: “Over the past decade, Epic has had a variety of apps on the Appostor and has benefited greatly from the store’s ecosystem, including various tools and capabilities such as store testing and distribution that Apple provides to the entire company.Puts. Epic had agreed to the rules of Apostor, and we are very happy that they were able to achieve a lot of success through this store. But now their trade mechanism is moving in a direction that calls our laws into question; Rules that have been implemented by various companies to date to provide complete security for themselves and their users. “We will do our best to solve this problem with the cooperation of Epic, so that Fortnite can return to Appestor once again.”

An interesting point in this regard is related to the quick reaction of Epic Games, which shortly after the announcement of this announcement, announced its legal lawsuit against Apple, and we were informed through the Fortnite Twitter page that the company is preparing a lawsuit against Apple; An issue that probably indicates Epic’s previous readiness to deal with this issue, and they are more likely to face the removal of Fortnite from the Operator.

While everyone thought that the adventures of the mobile version of Fortnite would only lead to Apple products, suddenly a new news was announced about the removal of this popular game from the Google Play Store, and this time Google went to remove the Epic game, referring to circumventing Google Play rules. And users can not download it.

A statement from Google read: “The free Android ecosystem allows manufacturers to offer their apps through a variety of stores. For companies that have chosen the Google Play Store to publish their work, there are rules that both benefit them and ensure the safety of users. Although Fortnite will still be available on Android, we had to remove it from this store due to violating Google Play rules. “However, we welcome any opportunity to negotiate with Epic Games and restart Fortnite.”

And this time, Epic announced its complaint against Google very quickly, and thus the creator of Fortnite game is going to sue two giants of the mobile world for deleting their game and using the unfair distribution system of programs and games, and we have to see where this story goes. It ends.

This is not the first time that margins on financial issues have been formed for Epic Games Team Sweeney, The CEO has already talked about this issue and even one of the most important reasons for launching the Epic Games store was this issue; A store that has a lower percentage of game sales than stores like Steam.

In the case of the new Fortnite system, Epic also offered its game V-Bucks for $ 8 plus $ 10, which eventually caused Apple and Google to resent the rules due to the addition of in-app payment methods outside the Apple and Google ecosystem. They became.

Epic Games has also released a video with the slogan “Join the war and prevent 2020 from becoming 1984”, which clearly mocks Apple’s 1984 trailer. This trailer takes players into battle with the App Store and invites players to use the hashtag #FreeFortnite.

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