Hotel Blast – Hotel Renovation Another well-made and creative game in the hobby and management style is from WhaleApp LTD studio, which has previously had similar games such as Hidden Hotel ، Rancho Blast And Resort Hotel: Bay Story Has released and now has produced a new game from its collection of management games. If you are familiar with the mentioned games, then you will connect with Hotel Blast quickly. WhaleApp Studio has also used the main character of Hidden Hotel to play Hotel Blast to expand its exclusive collection of games in this way.

The hotel renovation game, like all decoration design and hotel management games, is offered in the original puzzle style (triple puzzles called Match-3) and has two main parts. In the puzzle section, you have to solve colorful and triple puzzles and by solving these puzzles, you can earn money and gold so that you can use them in the second section, namely the design, decoration and reconstruction of locations, to pay the necessary expenses for Buy the items you need. This game, like other similar games, uses an interesting but clichéd and repetitive story. In fact, it should be said that these games do not maneuver much on the story section and only their gameplay is the main criterion.

Play Hotel Blast It is also one of these games whose hobby is its main priority. However, this game has a special story line so that the game does not have a very dry and repetitive atmosphere. You are in the role of an heir who has recently inherited an old and abandoned hotel. Now this person decides to renovate this hotel and turn it into a beautiful tourist place. There is a lot of work to be done and you have a lot of work to do. To do this, you have assistants who are both advisors and assist you in getting things done. But all decisions and choices are yours. In the puzzle section of Hotel Blast, you must first get the money and the necessary items, and then in the decoration section, buy and use different items to renovate and renovate different parts of this hotel.

From flooring and wallpaper designs to buying essentials like furniture and essentials, you need to act like a professional décor designer and shake the hotel! This game has hundreds of fun and entertaining stages that can entertain anyone with any taste for a long time. Due to the creative and managerial features of Hotel Blast, this game is recommended for people interested in flourishing creativity and design talents. During the game, you will encounter different stories and characters and discover many secret adventures that are interesting and remarkable in turn. It is worth mentioning that the trial version of this game crossed the 500,000 download mark on Google Play in just a short time!