We all know that Firefox has been competing with Google Chrome for many years and has surpassed it in many features. In this competition, Firefox company has released three different versions of its browser to improve its features as much as possible. Recently, we have all witnessed the superiority of Nightly over the Beta and Developer Edition versions. Unlike Google Chrome, which only targets its own people and employees, Firefox cares a lot about its users and helps them develop its browser better. In this post, we want to surprise you once again and introduce you to the new version of Firefox browser with full description. Firefox Nightly for Developers The title is a full-featured and developing review developed and published by the big company Firefox for the Android operating system. This non-ROM browser (according to the description of Firefox company) at any time takes a look at the next capabilities of Firefox and provides you with the features of the new generation of this powerful software. Updates are done every day and full descriptions are provided to users to know what features have changed! Experience the latest features of Firefox in an unstable environment and give your feedback to developers to make a big contribution to improving your favorite browser!

Some features and capabilities of Firefox Nightly for Developers Android application:

  • A new experience of the new generation of Firefox features
  • Personalize your favorite browser with access to plugins
  • Protect your privacy by using incognito mode
  • View live streams on the big screen
  • Very high speed in displaying search results
  • Share your favorite pages
  • Simple tabs for browsing websites
  • Access history and favorites

application Firefox Nightly for Developers As one of the top browsers, Firefox, despite allocating more than half a million active downloads, has not yet received a rating from Google Play users.