Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest and most experienced fields of engineering in which the sciences of physics, mathematics and materials are widely used. Mechanical engineering, despite its misnomer, is a purely theoretical discipline that uses various sciences to design machines and analyze materials and energy. Among the applications of mechanical engineering are the design and construction of all machines and their parts, including production machines of all industries, home appliances and medical equipment, design and manufacture of mechanical equipment for fossil, nuclear, solar, wind and hydro power plants and many more Another pointed out. Mechanical engineering students and graduates must always use a variety of tools to perform various calculations and designs. Today we are at your service with a program that can provide a set of capabilities and facilities to these people and help them do specialized work. Engineer Companion & Advanced Calculators Title is a comprehensive application with various tools to facilitate calculations related to mechanical engineering on the phone, for the Android operating system, developed by TOLAN and published for $ 7.50 on Google Play. This program includes a variety of calculators for hydraulic calculations, pneumatic production and manufacturing and other calculations. It also includes a variety of calculators, such as the Bernoulli calculator, Young module, etc., along with a variety of unit converters. This program is also able to display STL files and with it you can output your calculations in pdf files.

Some features and capabilities of the program Engineer Companion & Advanced Calculators Android:

  • Heat loss calculations
  • Natural gas installation calculations
  • Ventilation calculations
  • Other calculations (pipe diameter, liquid circulation pump and hydrophore calculations)
  • Piston cylinder calculations
  • Pump calculations
  • Battery calculations
  • Pipe calculations
  • Engine calculations
  • Temperature and pressure reduction calculations
  • Air consumption calculations
  • Force calculations
  • Calculate cutting conditions
  • Ship design calculations
  • Tolerance calculations
  • Hardness converter
  • Welding calculation; Welding heat input calculations
  • Calculation and comparison of reinforced concrete steel strip (quantity) / (area)
  • Bearing and fittings calculator and geometric bearing
  • Theoretical calculations (Bernoulli, Young module, differential pressure calculation, etc.)
  • A total of 15 mechanical properties are available for 73 materials
  • Material Tips: Iron and carbon phase diagram, plastic-elastic diagram. Stress-strain diagram
  • Convert hundreds of units in 26 different groups
  • You can save your calculation results in PDF format and share it with others.
  • Access to a wide user community from around the world

application Engineer Companion & Advanced Calculators It is an advanced and comprehensive tool with various capabilities for mechanical engineers that has been able to gain the satisfaction of Android users. Excellent score of 4.8 out of 5.0 From Google Play users.