Color Bump 3D – 3D color bumps It is one of the most interesting and creative games in the style of arcade and hobby, which has been published by the creative studio Good Job Games.

This studio with popular games including Run Race 3D And Paint Pop 3D Has become famous. Other games made by Good Job Games are produced in the same genres. Color Bump 3D, like other games from this manufacturer, is very simple. But this simplicity, along with attractive designs and very lovable ideas, has become a wonderful title. In this game, although it is supposed to be challenging, but you will experience more of a fun and relaxing game. According to the design and gameplay of this game, it can be concluded that the main purpose of making this game was to induce calm in the form of a simple challenge.

As soon as you enter the game, you can start the steps from step 1. You control a colored ball. The ball automatically moves forward and you can move it around. Wherever you put your hand on the screen, you are able to control this ball. If you drag your finger in any direction, the ball will be dragged in that direction. If you drag your finger backwards, the speed of the ball slows down but there is no stopping. Similarly, if you pull your hand forward, the speed of movement will increase. There are thousands of other pieces and colored objects along the way.

These objects come in a variety of shapes and forms. Your task is to move the ball only through beads and objects that are the same color as your ball. 3D color kick game has more than 100 interesting and fun stages.

At Color Bump 3D You can disrupt the order by moving the ball through the three-dimensional objects and experience a very attractive and dynamic destruction! All movements and collisions are designed according to physical principles. For example, if you move through several pieces at high speed, they will be thrown farther distances with your greater impact force. In addition to these beads, there are other colored objects whose color is different from the color of your ball.

Any direct contact with these objects will cause you to lose. At each stage and each time the new game is played, the desired colors change randomly and you are not always going to run the game with a specific color. The whole game Color Bump 3D is very simple, but after passing a few steps, the real challenge will come to you little by little.

Where not only the speed of movement and movements increases, but also the number of other colored beads increases exponentially. In this case, your quick reactions that can work. This will force you to dodge obstacles quickly and experience a beautiful, fun, and action-packed challenge. As mentioned, the destructibility in this game is excellently designed.

If you want to spend your free time with a beautiful and relaxing game and at the same time challenging and competitive, Color Bump 3D game is here to enjoy it to the fullest! It is worth noting that this game with Score 3.9 out of 5.0 More than 100 million downloads have been included in the list of the most popular arcade-style games!