Chinese media: The OLED display of the iPhone 12 is made by BOE


For several years, Apple has been using Samsung Display OLED displays in the iPhone series phones. The performance of Samsung Display displays is amazing and widely used in the market. The age of OLED iPhones began with the introduction of the iPhone 10, Apple’s first full-screen iPhone. Prior to the iPhone 10, Apple shipped all of its phones with LCD screens.

Apple is always trying to fit the best parts into iPhones, and so far only Samsung displays have been able to meet Apple’s defined standards. Another important point is that Samsung monitors are produced in sufficient numbers. Apple has signed a contract with Samsung to provide the display. If the number of iPhones sold does not reach the quota stipulated in the contract, باید Apple will have to pay compensation to Samsung. The rise of the Corona virus has had a negative effect on people’s purchasing power, and this is what worries Apple.

In previous years, many companies could not produce OLED panels; But today the situation has changed. Apple is a company that has repeatedly shown it does not want to depend on specific suppliers; However, it is entirely up to Samsung to provide the OLED display. Reports say Apple is trying to reduce its dependence on Samsung; For this reason, in recent months, Apple has approached various companies and tested their OLED display in quality tests.

BOE is a Chinese company that has been mentioned several times as a possible supplier of OLED displays for two iPhone 12 series phones. On June 24 this year, a report stated that Apple is not satisfied with the quality of BOE OLED displays; Therefore, it does not intend to use these screens in the iPhone 12 series. However, a new report states that the BOE has succeeded in resolving issues that Apple has downplayed. The report claims that the BOE has finally been able to attract the attention of Apple to use the screens of this Chinese company in the iPhone 12 series phones.

The iPhone 12 family includes the iPhone 12 Mini, the regular iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The old rumors say that the first two phones are equipped with a BOE display and the second two phones are equipped with a Samsung display; However, all four phones may have a BOE display. The main source of this article is a Chinese website. The machine translation of the article into English states that BOE screens have been used in the construction of a number of iPhone 12 models; But this part of the text may not have been translated accurately.

Today, Samsung is the world’s largest OLED display company and a market leader. Other companies make fewer OLED displays than Samsung; Because their infrastructure responds just as well. OLED displays were originally used mainly in Samsung products; But it was not long before the Korean company began selling OLED displays to various companies. Samsung makes a lot of money selling these types of displays and certainly does not want to lose an important customer like Apple.

The cheaper BOE display will definitely benefit Apple; Because the company will make more profit margins from selling iPhones. Do not forget that according to rumors, the new iPhones are equipped with 5G network and installing a 5G modem in the phone is expensive. Apple probably wants to cover the extra costs by using various methods such as using the BOE display and removing the charger from the box. The displays made by BOE are mostly used in the devices of Chinese companies. It is said that the Huawei Mate 40 will be equipped with a BOE display.

The BOE recently announced that it intends to capture more than 40% of the flexible OLED display market by 2024. According to some studies, the BOE currently occupies 20.3% of this market.

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