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The Pro1-X will ship with LineageOS and Ubuntu Touch operating systems

XDA is set to launch a new smartphone in collaboration with F (x) tec that focuses heavily on software and operating system; That’s why LineageOS operating system was chosen for this new phone. As you probably know, this operating system came into being after the cancellation of the Cyanogen operating …

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Apple has increased production of the iPhone 12 by 2 million units

Sales of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro began last week, and people around the world seem to have welcomed the new Apple phone. It has been so well received that Apple has reportedly increased production of the iPhone 12 by two million units. It is clear that the …

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The $ 130 Samsung Galaxy A02s was spotted in Geekbench

It looks like Samsung’s next phone will be a low-end product; A smartphone called the Galaxy A02s will hit the market. It has even been revealed that this smartphone comes with the model number SM-A025F / DS. We have heard the name of this phone many times over the past …

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Resistance test of iPhone 12 Pro:Ceramic Shield removes scratches very easily

Today, the iPhone 12 Pro resistance video was released by JerryRig, which was able to come out of various tests without any problems; But the thing that attracts a lot of attention is the ceramic strength of the iPhone 12 Pro shield. Ceramic Shield is a protective layer for the …

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Xperia One Mark 2 with 12GB of RAM spotted in Geekbench

Earlier, information was leaked about the Xperia One Mark 2 with 12 GB of RAM; But today we are sure that this model will really hit the market. This phone was seen on Geekbench today. According to the information obtained, the new model, which has 12 GB of RAM, has …

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Will the Samsung Galaxy S21 be available without a charger and headphones?

Apple launches various iPhone 12 models without headphones and charger; A move that has created a lot of margins for the company. The iPhone 12 box contains only the Lightning phone and cable. According to Apple, the removal of the charger and headphones was to reduce plastic production and protect …

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Google products will be made from recycled materials from 2022 onwards

Google still plans to produce its products with recycled materials by 2022; Of course, the company used a combination of recycled materials with other materials to make the new Pixel and Google Nest. These are just a few of Google’s products made from recycled materials. However, regarding the Pixel, it …

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The Huawei Nova 8 comes with a 66-watt charger

It is rumored that Huawei intends to launch a new generation of Nova phones. The Nova 8 series of phones will most likely be available in three models, which according to rumors will be the Nova 8, Nova 8 SE and Nova 8 Pro. According to information released today by …

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Disclosure of Nokia internal documents with the theme of Nokia 10 phone

Today, Nokia’s internal confidential documents were revealed, which mention the Nokia 10 phone. It looks like the Nokia 10 is set to replace the Nokia 9 PureView. Revealed documents from Nokia do not mention the hardware specifications and features of the Nokia 10 phone. It is unlikely that Nokia will …

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The $ 400 TCL handset with 5G support was introduced

The interesting thing about 5G phones is that their prices are falling rapidly and new 5G phones are being introduced every day that are more reasonably priced. Most 5G phones on the market are very expensive right now; Phones that are often priced at $ 1,000 and many can not …