Cat Simulator – and friends – fun game “Cat Simulator” Android


Cat Simulator is the name of one of the UK studio games mobile apps ltd in the style of simulation games, which is available for free download on Google Play. The game company had produced other games in this field, but Cat Simulator – and friends is the most evolved and heaviest project of this studio. In this game, as its name suggests, you experience a domestic cat simulator. We all know cats and we know that usually where there are domestic cats, there is crowds and trouble and noise. Domestic cats are playful creatures at the same time, and in Cat Simulator – and friends, you can get to know them better in their own role! In this game, you can play the role of funny cats and elves and do interesting and funny missions! For example, you should look for mice or other pets at home. You have to mess up the items on the table or make a fuss in the supermarket and smash the shelves of the store! All and all these interesting events can be done in this fun and simulation game. Apart from these, there are dozens of other missions and entertainment in this game that you can experience all of them and entertain yourself for hours with this beautiful game. Cat Simulator – and friends has good 3D graphics but not much detail in these graphics and designs. On the other hand, the gameplay is smooth and exciting. From the third person view, you can take control of cats or other animals and move around freely! You must increase your score by collecting coins and diamonds so that you can buy other animals or various items and accessories.

Some features of Cat Simulator – and friends Android game:

Domestic cat simulator style
Ability to play the role of funny and playful cats
Possibility of sabotage, playfulness and messing up things and causing trouble for human beings!
Existence of other animals such as dogs, mice, ducks and so on
Third-person gameplay with the ability to display 360 degrees of the environment
Graphic and 3D design and the ability to play in both SD and HD modes
There are many different missions
Travel to different places like farm, playground, school, house, yard, garden, beach, supermarket and other places
Ability to buy and unlock more than 20 other pets
Ability to purchase items and accessories
Ability to customize and use different items to manage characters
Ability to play multiplayer
Has Trial Mode and Survival Mode

Cat Simulator – and friends is a childish and fun game with a whole lot of fun and funny missions and missions that can keep you entertained for a long time. The colorful and juicy designs of the game, along with the cute sounds and spectacular visual effects, make playing this game enjoyable for everyone.

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