Creating innovation in applications is one of the best possible ways to attract users’ attention; Unfortunately, many developers do not pay attention to it. Perhaps with a simple review, we can see these limitations of innovations in browsers, which in this post we want to introduce you to a unique startup in this field. Cake Web Browser — Fast, Private, Ad blocker, Swipe It is a wonderful and innovative web browser for Android, which was developed by Cake Technologies Inc. and published on Google Play. Maybe if we want to introduce you to a software for quick access to search results, our only option is the cake browser, which the developer has paid special attention to! When searching for your words and needs in search engines, this browser displays the results directly and you can monitor different websites just by touching the screen. Various filters available to limit search results are other innovations of this startup that can save your time and meet your needs as soon as possible. No need to worry about annoying ads, and the existing system makes it possible to block pop-up ads as easily as possible. High speed, unparalleled security, group search mode and private browsing are just a few of the endless features of this browser.

Some features and capabilities of Cake Web Browser app — Fast, Private, Ad blocker, Swipe Android:

  • Direct and accurate search results to save time
  • Access a variety of options for filtering search results
  • Ability to search in groups in search engines
  • Swipe the screen to access pages as quickly as possible
  • Private browsing mode to prevent the storage of personal information
  • Block annoying ads for a hassle-free browsing
  • Follow various RSS feeds for quick access to news
  • Highlight the pages you want for faster access
  • Very high speed search query

application Cake Web Browser — Fast, Private, Ad blocker, Swipe Benefiting from a set of special features and capabilities in the field of web browsing, it has been able to download thousands Score 4.4 out of 5.0 To be received by Google Play user.