Real Steel World Robot Boxing is a new game in the style of fighting and action games with stunning graphics for the Android operating system, which invites you to the World Robot Boxing Tournament! In this amazing game, you can enter the competition ring by choosing a robot and go to the border of becoming a champion and choosing the best and most powerful robot! We recommend this game to all the fans of the famous Real Steel game that we introduced a while ago, and this game that brings you tougher battles, stronger punches, new robots, more graphics and multiplayer mode. It brings with it to bring the most exciting and enjoyable robot fighting games experience in your smartphone. In this wonderful game, you will take control of a robot and by participating in various competitions and winning, you will ascend to the next levels and struggles, and you will experience the most exciting struggles.

Some features of Real Steel World Robot Boxing Android game:

Availability of 24 powerful robots including Zeus, Atom and Twin Cities
Fight in 10 different locations and areas full of surprises with giant robots
Four different modes to play: championship, attack time, free fight and daily fight
Ability to play online with friends via Wi-Fi
Ability to customize the robot by the player and increase power
Availability of achievements and powers to become more powerful
Having stunning HD graphics with professional sound

Not to mention that the exciting Real Steel World Robot Boxing game is based on Dreamworks ’2011 movie and brings you the best fighting game on your Android.