Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max – Triple camera shine

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In the 2018 iPhone XS series, there was a close resemblance to the previous iPhone X in terms of design, and the only major change was the presence of a powerful processor, with the exception of the introduction of the cheaper iPhone XR. The situation in the 11 Series, however, has changed, and although there is no significant difference in the top of the device in any of the three models in this class, but by turning it back, we are faced with a new approach in this class. The iPhone 11, as the new version of the iPhone XR, now has two cameras on the back, and the other two models, the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, have also increased the number of cameras to three.

iPhone 11

The design of the rear cameras on the new iPhones is a bit challenging, especially on models with three camera lenses, and at least for some users, the protruding and large lenses in this area do not offer much beauty. Regardless of the tastes of the users in this field, the new iPhones in the short distance of their introduction to the market seem to have better conditions than the previous year, and some news also report an increase in their production volume. The camera, of course, is not the only change in this series compared to the past, and in another important and decisive field, namely battery life, we face better conditions than in the past; The introduction of a fast charger with the device, the improvement of water resistance and the new material of the back part are some of the new points of this series, and thus we can speak of a satisfactory update compared to the S series of the previous year. Of course, it goes without saying that in the field of processors, the situation is the same as before, and the iPhone still has the upper hand compared to the top Android processors.

The battery life of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is at a very good level, and the presence of a fast charger provides users with a new positive experience. On the negative side of this phone, apart from repetitive and familiar cases such as the lack of a headset jack, large notch at the top of the screen, and users’ uncertainty about the presence of a file manager inside the device, above all, we should mention the high weight and dimensions of the phone. It is difficult for many people to carry and move. The protrusion of the rear cameras, the lack of autofocus for the wide-angle camera, the continued use of the Lightning port and, of course, the very expensive price complete the list of negative points of this model.

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