Android and iPhone paid games that are free today (October 12)


In this article, we are going to take a look at the free daily games for Android and iPhone and share them with you users.

Apart from the fact that we see various free games being released daily for Android and iOS, various and less seen premium games are also offered for free for a limited time so that users can have different experiences on their mobile phones. Therefore, in the following, we have prepared a list of premium games that are provided for free daily, dear users, so that you can easily access this category of mobile games.

Let me mention in the meantime Add games to your playlist once, You will be able to experience them for free forever.

Android games


Age of Civilization Americas

  • Manufacturer: Łukasz Jakowski
  • Style: Strategy

If you are interested in strategy and civilization building games, Age of Civilization Americas can be a great option for you. One of the important points in this category of strategy games where the construction of civilization, trade and battle is very important for gaining power, the existence of multiple civilizations can provide users with a wide choice. The creator of Age of Civilization Americas has used 232 different civilizations for his game and your choices during the game are such that they will have a good effect on the game process.



Magnet Balls: Match-Three Physics

  • Manufacturer: Crazy Own
  • Style: Arcade

Matching games have their own fun and excitement. These games do not have such an engaging and complex gameplay, and only the player has the task to destroy the elements of the same color in the environment. In Magnet Balls: Match-Three Physics, players have the task of throwing colored balls at a structure made of different balls at the top of the screen using the platform at their disposal. The less time you can do this, the better your score will be.



IPhone games

Fateful Lore

  • Manufacturer: Martin Javier Del Rio Llobera
  • Style: role-playing

If you are interested in role-playing games, Fateful Lore can be a good option for you. The manufacturer has resorted to pixel and two-dimensional designs to make its product more attractive. The story of the game is narrated by Damerel Land by The evil Daglaxaak has been attacked. Just when the people of Damerel are losing hope, a hero named Egmolph tries to stop Daglaxaak. Auto-save feature along with turn-based battles is what makes Fateful Lore a fun and engaging game, and it can entertain newcomers as well.


Reaction Timer Game

  • Manufacturer: Tom Coomer
  • Style: Puzzle

In appearance, Reaction Timer Game is one of the simplest mobile games you have come across today, but the fact is that Reaction Timer Game is simply one of the most challenging mobile games. The structure of the game is such that you have to keep the game timer at zero, but doing so, as it seems, is not an easy task at all. It may be a little difficult to get used to the puzzle and puzzle at first, but once you get used to the mechanics, you will not notice the passage of time.




  • Manufacturer: Ala’a Alzghoul
  • Style: Action

Warzone is a first-person shooter action game in which players must destroy their enemies in more than 100 different stages. One of the great features of Warzone is the use of a variety of weapons. More than 30 different weapons, all inspired by their real models, are included in this shooting game so that players can not only gain a variety of experiences, but also experience the Warzone with their favorite weapon. In the meantime, it is not bad to mention the online part of the game. Varzon has a PvP mode along with Local Online mode so you can experience it with your friends.



Super Miley

  • Manufacturer: Hoang Tran Viet
  • Style: Arcade

Today, we have seen various games on the mobile platform that are inspired by Super Mario Bros. Super Miley is one of those Super Mario Brothers-inspired games, but it also has its own innovations in terms of design as well as gameplay. Therefore, Super Miley is not just a simple clone of the Mario collection and can provide a different and fun experience for users. Of course, I should mention that in terms of story, Super Mile is very similar to Super Mario, and players must save a beautiful princess at the end of the game.



Stories 7

  • Manufacturer: Smashware
  • Style: pattern making

Stories 7 was one of the first mobile role-playing games to be released in 2011 for iOS. However, after the release of the remastered version of the game, it replaced the original version so that new users can have a better experience.

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