A Guide to the Challenges of Chapter Three of Fortnite – Eighth week



In the third season of Fortnite Chapter 2, we see a lot of changes in the game. Rising water level is one of the main changes of the Splash Down season, which Fortnite producer and publisher Epic Games has announced will see the water level fall over time. With the start of the new season, we will provide you with a weekly challenge guide. In the eighth week of the third season, we see eight challenges, and there is no specific name for the weekly challenges. In the following, you will see the guide for receiving them.


Challenges of the eighth week

Challenge NameDescription
Search Chests at Frenzy FarmFind seven boxes in the Frenzy Farm environment
Eliminations at Salty SpringsKill three players in Salty Springs
Complete the boat time trial at Motorboat MayhemComplete the motorboat challenge on the Motorboat Mayhem
Drive a car from Retail Row to Pleasant Park in less than 4 minutesDrive from Retail Row to Pleasant Park in less than four minutes
Collect Wood from Holly HedgesCollect in the Holly Hedges area (500 pieces)
Deal damage to opponents from inside of a vehicleInjure other players while in the car
Deal damage to opponents from inside of a vehicleInjure other players while riding in the car (10,000 damage)
Search Ammo Boxes at Lazy LakeFind seven boxes of ammunition in the Lazy Lake area

Recently, we have seen the addition of cars to the Fortnite Chapter 2 game, and players can travel through the game environments with the intended vehicles, and there will also be various conflicts in between. So this week’s challenges are designed to be machine-related. During the first challenge, players must find seven boxes. In the second challenge, however, you must enter the Salty Springs area and kill three people. Next, in Motorboad Maygem, there is a motorboat-related time challenge for players that is simple and similar to the challenge you have experienced in recent weeks.

Players must then drive from Retail Row to Pleasant Park in less than four minutes. The mentioned challenge can be considered the most difficult challenge of the eighth week, but with a little care and having a chance not to get involved with other players, you can also win this challenge. Then, during the timber collection challenge, you must enter the Holly Hedge area and collect 500 timbers. The final challenge is to open seven boxes of puzzles in the Lazy Lake area. The most exciting challenge of the eighth week of the third season of Fortnite Chapter 2 can be devoted to injuring other players while you are in the car. In the first challenge of this section, you have to harm only one of the players. However, in the second challenge, you have to continue this injury until the amount of injuries inflicted on other players, while you are in the car, reaches 10,000.

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