Honor 9X – Gleam on the design wave

During its relatively short life, Honor has introduced several handsets in several different classes, including the affordable single-digit models, which with their relatively high specifications have occasionally been at the top of the mid-range and even the most successful flagships in the market. In many ways, they are comparable to …


Samsung Galaxy A51 – another skin for the third generation

Perhaps Samsung itself did not anticipate the family’s widespread success in the last one or two years in the not-so-distant past, when it sought to strengthen its midfield against powerful rivals in the class by combining the J Series with emerging Galaxy As. The A-Series, which took its first shaky …


The hardware specifications of the LG K92 were uncovered on the Google Play console

The Korean company seems to be preparing to launch another intermediate product. The Korean company’s new smartphone, called the LG K92, has been identified by the media on the Google Play console. According to reports, the LG K92 will be equipped with the Snapdragon 690 chip, which comes with a …


Samsung and Xiaomi ridicule Apple for removing charger from iPhone 12 box

Apple last Tuesday unveiled the iPhone 12 series Hi, Speed ​​to unveil four new smartphones, all of which have 5G connectivity and use the world’s first five-nanometer chip. Apple has a history of making controversial decisions regarding the iPhone series, and at the Hi, Speed ​​ceremony, the details of Apple’s …


Contrary to Apple, Chinese streaming stages did not broadcast Hi, Speed

The US government’s recent actions have jeopardized Apple’s connection to its millions of users in China. The US government has said it is seeking legislation to cut off all US corporate ties to the Chinese giants. Analysts say this will be to Apple’s detriment, and Chinese users will lose interest …


A Manual help to the Challenges of Chapter Four of Fortnite Eighth week

    During the fourth season of Fortnite, we see the addition of Marvel characters to the game, and in this section, we have prepared a guide to the challenges of the eighth week for you users. In the fourth season of Fortnite Chapter 2, which was released on Thursday, …


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – Realizing a long-held dream

Long ago, in the early years of mobile phones and long before the birth of the first Android phones and iPhones, mobile phones were marketed every day with innovative designs and shapes, and prominent companies of the time such as Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola each with A new and eye-catching …


Motorola One Macro – For a few inches closer

Motorola has been focusing on low-end, more expensive mid-range phones and successful models such as the Moto G series since its revival in the post-Google era a few years ago, with affordable prices, satisfying specifications and brand acceptance in markets. The American achieved relative and acceptable success in the presence …


Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 + fighters with elegance

Samsung’s Galaxy S series flagships for 2020, contrary to last year’s practice of offering two modern products and a cheaper, more expensive model (Galaxy S10, Galaxy respectively S10 + And the Galaxy S10e) are now made up of three interesting and modern smartphones that, although there are still some slight …


Compare OnePlus 8T with OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro

Last year, OnePlus unveiled its new product called OnePlus 8, which came with a Pro version. These two devices were very successful and could be very profitable for the manufacturer. This year, OnePlus has unveiled another member of the family to continue its successful product line. The company unveiled the …